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Shock or No Shock?

Many people wonder why an advertisement was given a ‘shock’ mark during moderation even when there aren’t any bloodied body parts or anything vulgar present in the ad.
Let us explain in more detail what a “shock” advertisement is, and why this mark is assigned to various cases.

The shock status is given to ads that contain images of diseases, close-up shots of one’s body parts, people under the influence of alcohol/drugs, pictures containing sexual (erotic) undertones, shots from horror films and other unaesthetic images. Not very aesthetically pleasing ads that include images of close-up of private body parts, untidy appearance whether of a person or an object. Ameteur pictures with not much thought put into won’t be regarded as promotional material.
Some examples of such images. (image 1)

image 1

As you can see, there isn’t a huge difference between pictures shown in image 1 and those in image 2. However, pictures in image 1 would be marked as shock images, while pictures in image 2 would not. This is mainly because of the unaesthetic nature of the pictures included in image 1.

image 2

It is important to understand that this mark is not assigned to limit the amount of traffic we receive, but to ensure that we have a competent and logical distribution of materials shown at various sites.