How to work with statistics

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In this guide we will tell you how to correctly set up the display of statistics using filters and grouping.

To start, go to and choose Stats section on the left.


Here we have a general statistics for a certain period of time and 2 options for configuring the data: group and filter.


We can group the data by: date (day, week, month), ad type, sites, places and region.


Grouping allows you to monitor statistics by several variables (for example, regions + places).


P.S. In order to arrange the data in increasing/decreasing order, you need to click on a triangle in the column of interest.


The next option to display the data is filter. We can filter the data by the same variables: date (day, week, month), ad type, sites, places and region.

Unlike grouping, filters help to monitor data by a specific variable (only by regions for example). This is convenient if we want to understand which place has the highest CTR, which sites bring the most money and which regions have the highest number of impressions.

It is also possible to download statistics for a certain period in Excel format.


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