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The table with retargeting lists for each audience that was created using the "Get Code" action displays the "Remarketing Code" link.

image 1

Clicking on link opens a pop-up window containing the container code that you should install on the pages of your site.

image 2

In addition to the top remarketing code, you must also install the code from the bottom text field of the "Remarketing Code" form:

  <script> window.kdmretarget =
         {gid: '[PRODUCT IDENT]', interest: [INTEREST IDENT]};


[PRODUCT IDENT] - is a parameter in which the product ID is transmitted (ID, name, article ...)

[INTEREST IDENT] is a parameter in which the user's interest is transmitted:

  • Browse - go to the site
  • BrowseGood - Product View
  • Cart - Add to cart
  • Ordering - Ordering
  • Purchase - Purchase

Visitors to the pages of the site on which the container is installed will be set to a cookie for the number of days specified in the retargeting list settings. Thus, the user will be included in the list of retargeting.

Views of a retargeting campaign begin only if the list of retargeting is more than 50 people. If the list is less than 50 people, the status of the campaign is “Waiting for the audience”.