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What should be the creatives in Kadam - requirements and recommendations

When launching advertising campaigns, special attention should be paid to creations. In this material, we will share general recommendations on the selection and design of pictures, as well as specific requirements for images when working with different advertising formats in Kadam.

General recommendations

For the fact that users pay attention to your creatives, and the CTR indicator was off-scale, it is enough to adhere to general recommendations.

What to use:

  • Big plan. Immediately show the user what his attention should focus on. The more unnecessary details in the image, the more diffuse the attention. This applies to images of both people and objects.
  • Realistic picture. Especially for nutra-vertical or news.
  • Good quality. Creative must be clear and legible.
  • Bright, juicy, contrasting colours. Help highlight your creativity against the rest.
  • Emotions. Make creatives more "alive" and help to find a response inside the user.

Examples of good images for creatives:


The following items are likely to leave your creativity unattended.

What you don't need to use:

  • Glossy. Users immediately recognize the obvious stock picture used many times in other creatives.
  • Pictures are not on subject matter. You pour traffic on the news of a pension increase, and in the picture of the Constitution of the Russian Federation - you don't need to do this.
  • A shallow plan. If the user does not understand what is in the image, he is unlikely to look at it - rather, he will simply pass by.
  • Poor quality. By analogy with the paragraph above.

Examples of bad images for creatives:


Picking pictures on the Internet is better at different requests - so less likely that you will stumble upon a picture that you have used a million times. Do not hesitate to use graphic editors and create your own pictures or collages.

The following recommendations relate to the text on creatives.

What to do:

  • Use Call-to-Action.
  • Use clinging words.
  • Focus on problem/pain.
  • Ask a question and make a decision.
  • Writing is short and clear.
  • Give more specifics.

For teaser and push ads, it is very important that the text and picture are "one whole" - observe the maximum compliance.

Moreover, it is recommended that the creatives themselves be "tied" to a specific and significant information guide - especially in teaser and push advertising. The beauty is that there are always information guides, even if you think nothing is happening around.

Here are just some examples of "eternal" information guides:

  • The statement or recommendation of a famous person: "Trump did not hold back and expressed everything that he thinks about..." or "Michael Jordan insists that the use of XXX helps the heart".
  • Stories from political life: "The UN meeting shocked Biden"
  • Linking to specific holidays or seasons: "Miracle berry will increase your crop 5 times" (in summer and spring) or "TOP-10 gifts for a woman for the New Year" (in winter)
  • Perennial health and beauty problems: "Drink this remedy 3 times a day to feel healthy"

An important point regarding moderation: the tougher and more "yellow" creatives you use, the less traffic they can get due to tagging - publishers simply will not allow creative. For example, there is eternal news about what German soldiers did in concentration camps with Russian girls. The news itself has a high CTR, but if the moderation puts the "shock" tag, then there will be little traffic.

These were general recommendations for the design of pictures and texts. Below are specific requirements for different advertising formats in Kadam.



  • Minimum size: 500x500 px
  • Format: JPG, PNG
  • Maximum weight: 512 KB

A nuance: images can be trimmed differently at different sites, so we recommend that you have important information in the area of 500x333 pixels (no matter from top or bottom, when loading you yourself can correct this moment).


Maximum number of characters (with spaces): 124

Due to the fact that the number of permissible characters is limited on some sites, we recommend writing no more than 70-75 characters (50-60 characters for premium sites). So you will be sure that your text will not be cut off.

P.S. Not all sites accept texts with triplets and exclamation marks at the end. If possible, try not to abuse them.



  • Icon: 192x192 px
  • Main picture: 360x240 px
  • Format: JPG, PNG
  • Maximum weight: 512 KB

Important: Different platforms trim the main picture of the pooch differently. Here are variations of how an image can be cropped:

  • The picture is shown completely
  • The picture is trimmed from below by 60 pixels
  • The picture is trimmed from the top and bottom by 55 pixels

We advise calculating the optimal zone and place the main content in the center of the picture. Also, pay special attention to the icon - on some platforms it is it that is shown, and not the main image (for example, on a poppy). The same applies to mobile devices: in most cases, only the icon is shown, with the exception of iPhones - only text is displayed there.


  • Header: 30 characters
  • Text: 40 characters

On-Site Push

This type of cannon is selected when setting up an advertising campaign


  • Icon: 192x192px
  • Main image: 360x240px
  • Format: JPG, PNG, JPEG
  • Weight: up to 512 KB


  • Maximum number of characters in header: 30
  • Maximum number of characters in text: 70
  • Maximum word length - 20 characters


A feature of the format is that the advertiser's site opens in a new browser window after the user clicks in any area of ​ ​ the page on which the advertisement is located.

Requirements. The Clickunder campaign is active only if there is more than 500 rubles on the balance sheet. If the balance is 500 rubles or less, the campaign will not receive shows.


  • Weight: up to 150 KB
  • Format: PNG, JPG, GIF

Kadam has a huge number of banner sizes. We advise specifying in advance with your personal manager what sizes of banners the most available traffic is, and work with them.

Since the banner itself goes without the accompanying text, we advise indicating the desired text directly on the banner. Do not make the text long - it is better to add a few large, but converting words. Alternatively, place a CTA button on the banner.

Animated banners (GIFs) show themselves very well. However, due to the strict criteria for the weight of the file, it is often difficult to realize its idea. Think in advance what exactly and how exactly you want to animate.

We hope our little guide was useful, and you took a note of a couple of ideas. If you still have questions regarding the requirements for creations, be sure to write to your personal manager - he will quickly orient and help.