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CPA Target campaigns — campaigns where you set target CPA (the average amount you want to pay for each conversion) and the smart bid algorithm automatically sets bids to help get as many conversions as possible

To create a CPA Target campaign click +Create campaign and choose “CPA Target” in the Payment mode field.

Cost Per Action

The average amount you want to pay for each conversion. The average target cost per conversion is the average value within the received traffic.

рис. 1

Once you mark the checkbox campaign focuses on the amount set in the Cost Per Action field. After getting a conversion campaign focuses on the amount sent in the Postback.

The aggressiveness of increasing/decreasing.

Level of aggressiveness. These variables determine how soon you need to increase or decrease rates at different intersections. “High" aggressiveness means lowering/increasing bids at intersections with minimal expenses, while “Low” aggressiveness means gradually decreasing/increasing bids over a longer distance.

рис. 2

Example: if you choose a high aggressiveness of decreasing, the system will sharply reduce bids at ineffective interactions in the absence of “fast” conversions. If you choose a high aggressiveness of increasing, the system will sharply increase bids when receiving the first conversions in order to take as much traffic as possible from the intersection.