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* [[Add teaser]].
* [[Add teaser]].
* [[Adding a banner]].
* [[Adding a banner]].
* [[Adding a contextual announcement]].
* [[Add Clickunder]].
* [[Add Clickunder]].

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A push notification is a pop-up notification system that appears in the corner of your computer screen or on your cell phone’s notification list. You can choose to close this window if necessary.

In order to add Push notification in an advertising campaign, click on “Manage Push Notifications” (image 1).

image 1

Then the management page will be opened Push notifications. The following ad creation methods are available:

Adding Push Notifications One at a Time.

Allows you to download Push Notifications one by one. To add a Push-notification in this way, you need to click on "Add Push-notification" button (image 2).

image 2

Then the page for creating push notifications will open (image 3).

image 3

To create push notifications, you must fill in all required fields and upload an image. The maximum word length for the "Push Notification Header" and "Text" fields is 20 characters.

Title Push Notifications.

The text that will be displayed above the description of Push-notifications on the website of the webmaster. A meaningful header can significantly increase the CTR. The header can contain a maximum of 30 characters.

Text Push Notifications.

Text to be displayed next to the push notification image. Up to 70 characters.


Link to go when clicking on the push-notification. The domain specified in the settings of the campaign must match the Url Push-notification.


The push notification image can be both square and rectangular. After adding the image to the Push notification, the advertiser will be asked to trim it to a square and rectangular view. The aspect ratio of the loaded image must be 1: 1 and the format is equal to or more than 500 * 500. Valid file extensions: jpg, png, jpeg, gif; Maximum size: 512.0 KB

Pause after moderation.

After saving, the Push notification will be sent to moderation, in case of successful moderation and when this field is checked, the status of advertising material will be “paused” and not “active”.

Set bids.

Here you can customize bids for specific promotional material. By default, the bids specified in the campaign settings are used.

After all the fields are filled, you must click on the "Create" button (image 4)

image 4

or to "Save and add more" button (image 5).

Сохранить и добавить ещё
image 5

If the form fields are correctly filled in, the Push notification will be saved and the form for adding a new material will open.

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