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CTR (click-through rate) is the ratio of the number of clicks on an advertisement to the number of impressions. The higher this indicator, the more traffic will be able to receive an ad.


Image should be bright, original and clear, should not contain many details. If there is no possibility to create an image for the ad, you can make it from the video, you can also take several frames and create an animation in gif format. Animated ads are more clickable than static image. The picture may have various attention-grabbing elements: play buttons, arrows, edging of some elements, social network signs, etc.


It must convey the essence of the advertisement and contain a maximum of information, in one "catchy" phrase. The title of the teaser advertisement should not contain insults. You can use the affirmative form of the proposal, a question or some kind of intrigue. The title, calling for a specific action (verb in the imperative mood) attracts more attention to the target audience.


Text should be interesting, intriguing, well-written and consistent with the image. The text should enhance the intriguing effect of the title.

Target audience.

Determine which target audience your product or service is directed to. Use targeting settings - gender, age, ad display time.