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Shock or not shock?

Many people ask why an advertisement was given a “shock” mark during moderation because there are no bloodied body parts or horrible monsters from horror films in the picture.
Let us try to explain in more detail what a “shock” is and why this mark is assigned in a particular case.

Shock are images with photographs of diseases, people or their separate parts of the body with various pathologies, people under the influence of alcohol or drugs, pictures containing light sexual (erotic) undertones, shots from horror films and other unaesthetic images . By unaesthetic, in this case, may include images, the content of which does not contain any of the above items. For example: too close-up of individual parts of the body; untidy appearance, be it a person or another object; "Amateur" photos, the contents of which can not be regarded as "promotional material."
Some examples of such images. (image 1)

image 1

But such materials will be admitted without a shock mark. (image 2) At the same time, these images show the same objects and body parts, as in the pictures above.

image 2

It is important to understand that this mark is not assigned to limit traffic, but with the aim of competent and logical distribution of materials at various sites.