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This page is a translated version of the page Тестовая конверсия and the translation is 100% complete.

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After the campaign has been created and advertising materials are uploaded, a test conversion is required.
IMPORTANT! You must be in your account, i.e. be logged in to kadam in incognito mode to perform a test conversion. Otherwise, the advertised link you can't go in incognito mode.
1. Enter the personal account in incognito mode by filling in all the login fields (e-mail, password, code). An example for the Chrome browser (image 1).

image 1

2. Go to the management of promotional materials, click on the link in incognito mode (or in a private window) by right-clicking and selecting the first line to open the link in a new tab (image 2).

image 2

3. Go to your website and perform the necessary action, which is considered a conversion. (Register, Place an order, etc.)

4. After the implementation of the necessary action on the site, which will be considered a conversion, go to the advertiser's office in Kadam, in the Statistics - Conversions section, and check if the test conversion came.

image 3

If you see Test conversion successful in the conversion list, the test conversion was successful, you can run campaigns. If Test Conversion did not come, check the integration settings again.