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=== Keywords ===
=== Keywords ===
Where to get keywords? You can find keywords on Google AdWords, and other services such as that. This helps you select and choose different keywords to use for your campaign.  
Where to get keywords? You can find keywords on Google AdWords, and other services such as that. This helps you select and choose different keywords to use for your campaign.  
[[File:тестир_офферов_1.png|80px|centre|frame|image 1]]
[[File:Testoffer.png|80px|centre|frame|image 1]]
=== Categories ===
=== Categories ===

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Any offer must be tested, this is very crucial for the arbitrator. Only by testing, you can avoid large monetary losses, and understand whether it is worth working with the selected offer or not.

A common mistake new advertisers make is that they expect the offer to launch immediately. Experienced arbitrators understand that in order to have a successful initiation, you must spend the time and money required to run tests first. You can certainly see the benefits of this action once your ad is displayed and publicised.

When taking your first steps in arbitration, before launching your ad campaign, be sure to follow our tips on testing offers. They will help you save money in the long run and choose an offer that’s profitable.

How to test the offer

Offer selection

If you are a beginner, we advise you to register in several different affiliate programs. You can ask the managers about what the arbitrators are currently pursuing (some of them have open statistics on the TOP offers of the week).

Moreover, you can also analyze different promotional materials that the service offers. For instance, you can explore what topics are trending and are most popular right now, then analyze and choose which offer best suits your needs.

Choosing Pre-landing and Landing Pages

Once you have decided on an offer, you need to now choose a landing page and a transit page. What is ‘transit page’? The transit page is also called a pre-landing page. The pre-landing page is a web page that is designed to prepare and convince the visitor to move forward with the landing page ahead.

How to Choose a Pre-Landing and a Landing Page:

Option 1. Contact the affiliate manager.

Option 2. Perform a split test. Select the landing pages that you like best, and conduct an A / B testing - after performing the test, keep the landing page that converts best. This objective method is most helpful, however, it requires large investments and knowledge about conducting the spilt tests (if you only have 1000 rubles on your balance, then it is better to choose the first option)

Target Audience

Target audience - a key factor in testing the offer. Necessary steps to follow: ​​a) Think logically; b) Search and analyze information on the subject of your offer. For instance, if you are advertising for crayons, then you need to understand that parents with small children that attend kindergarten are your target audience


Where to get keywords? You can find keywords on Google AdWords, and other services such as that. This helps you select and choose different keywords to use for your campaign.

image 1


From the list of categories, select those that are most relevant to the subject you have chosen for your offer. Knowing your target audience here will help you determine their interests, and their needs. For instance, if you choose to advertise crayons, then it is only logical to select the categories Family and Education, Kids in School, Art in School etc. In this process of testing, analyzing statistics by each category, you will begin to understand which of the categories you have selected bring you maximum conversion rate and which need to be disabled.


Platform choosing is very simple, however, it is very crucial to read the detailed full description of your offer. For example, if your offer does not allow mobile traffic, then it is extremely important for you to disable that feature and work only with desktop traffic and vice versa.


We have deconstructed most of the settings, now we can move forward with learning how to set rates. When dealing with price per action method, it is better to take at least 50% of the payment, the rate by category is the average between the specified minimum and maximum (ask your support manager for more details). Keyword rates are 20%- 30% higher than rates by category (to attract thematic traffic).

Ads: text and image

No matter how accurately you set up an advertising campaign, if the target audience does not like ads, their CTR will be low.

When creating an ad, in order to merge traffic, you must have your ad be as relevant as possible to your pre-landing and landing pages. Otherwise, your client will be disappointed and won’t act on anything, resulting in you not getting any conversions.

Here are some effective formulas for creating advertising text: Offer + Time Limit + Call to Action; Problem - Solution- Call to action.

Let us focus on one question that everyone asks: how many ads do you actually need to create for testing? The amount of your materials depend on the budget that you are willing to spend on testing. If you are a beginner and you have 1000-2000 rubles, then we advise that you create 3-4 ads, but make them to be very catchy and most relevant to your desired traffic.

When you have a smaller budget, it is better not to use a lot of ads - the use of fewer creatives will avoid competition between your own creatives.


It’s very difficult to pinpoint exactly how much you need to merge the tests to begin profiting. It depends on a number of important factors such as the subject of your offer, the settings of your advertising campaign etc.

You can use the following formula: 1 material = about 70% of the cost of the lead. For example, if the payment on the offer is 600 rubles, then count on 400-450 rubles to be spent on one ad. Therefore, if you create 3 ads, then the test will take 1200-1350 rubles.

Analysis and optimization

Your campaign has been launched, now it is time to analyze the results and start optimizing. The first thing you need to do is to look at the statistics on the materials. Make sure to remove ineffective ads (the ones with very few clicks and no conversions), follow the example of successful ads to create new ones, download them and launch your campaign again. In addition, check which categories are well convertible, and which are not. Do the same when working on other ad categories such a keyword targeting.


In the beginning, these settings, tests, optimizations will seem difficult to comprehend. However, keep in mind that all top arbitrators have followed these steps. If you feel sorry for all the time and money spent on tests, and get disappointed easily, the likelihood of you succeeding in ad business is low.

Actively work with statistics, learn to analyze, try different experiments, study and follow other successful arbitrators. And if you have low CTR (Click Through Rate), make your ad image more attention grabbing, make the texts more compelling. Furthermore, if an offer doesn’t work the way you wanted it to, you can always succeed using another type of offer with the experience you have now.