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Creating an audience

Targeting a specific audience allows you to customize your advertising campaign to cater to specific users interests. This functionality allows you to form an audience through the use of keywords, pages, or domains in which users were previously interested.

1. To set up the target audience, go to the “Campaigns” / “Audiences” section and click on the “Create an audience” button.

image 1

2. In the "Name" field, you must specify the corresponding name of the created audience.
3. In the "Keywords" field, key words are indicated according to which users will be selected in the audience. Additionally, in the “Stop - words” field, you can define which users will be excluded from the target audience. Each word entered should be on a new line.

image 2

4. Fill in the “Pages” field to specify the page after which users will be added to the target audience. Similar to the last section, in the “Stop - Page” field defines which pages will exclude user from the audience. Each page should be entered on a new line.

image 3

5. In the "Domains" field, indicate the domains by which users will be selected in the audience. Similarly, “Stop - domains”, you must enter the domains for which users will be excluded from the targeted audience. Each domain is entered with a new line.

image 4

6. In the field "Term of participation" indicates the number of days after the expression of interest, during which the user will relate to your audience. The value can be set from 1 to 180 days.

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7. To complete the creation of the target audience, you must click on the "Save" button, as a result of which a new entry will be added.

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8. To select a targeted audience in a campaign, go to the "Campaigns" / "Campaigns" section and click on the "Edit" button for the selected campaign. In the interface that appears, check the box "Select audience". In the "Audience" field marked audience and remarketing lists, the users of which will be shown your ads.

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