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Before uploading video ads to the system, this material must be formatted according to video download standards:

  • Valid file extensions: flv, mp4, ASF, AVI, mkv, MOV, MPG, VOB, WMV;
  • Maximum size: 30 MB

As a video converter, you can use any application convenient for you. The article will consider an example of video conversion using [http: // | Any video converter]. This converter is free and supports the work with the main video formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG, MKV, FLV, 3GP, DVD WebM, MP3.

1. After installing and running the application, the main application menu appears.

image 1

2. Customization of user parameters occurs when you click on the "Show main menu" button:

  • Main menu / Languages ​​- to select the Russian interface
  • Main menu / Shell - setting the color scheme of the interface
image 2
image 3

3. To load an edited video, you must click on "Add or Drag File (s)" button, or simply drag the file to the program interface. After selecting a file, it will appear in the list of matches:

image 4

As additional parameters, the audio track and subtitles can be superimposed on the video.

4. When you click on "All" button on the control panel, a list of available formats for conversion appears.

image 5

5. To configure additional video conversion parameters, use the "Basic settings" settings group in the lower right of the interface:

image 6
  • File Name - the name of the file created as a result of the conversion;
  • Output Folder - the place where the created file will be saved
  • Video Size - the video file size (Original / 1280 * 720/1080 * 720/720 * 480, etc.)
  • Quality - the quality of the conversion

6. When you click on the "Convert" button, the video processing process starts:

image 7

7. Immediately after the conversion is completed, a folder is opened in which the converted file is saved.

8. For the subsequent video upload, it is necessary to create a campaign in the system with the format "Video advertising". By clicking on the "Managing video materials" button, a transition is made to the list of all materials of the current campaign. A description of working with video advertising can be found in a similar article Video advertising.

image 8

9. In the window that appears, you must specify:

  1. Video title
  3. URL - the address where the transition to the landing page will take place
  5. File - select downloadable video
  7. Pause after moderation - in case the display of the material should not start immediately after moderation ends
  9. Video length
  11. Set up bids - setting bids for a specific ad material. The default rates are those specified in the campaign settings.
image 9