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RSS technology allows you to massively download the information you need, without visiting the site where it is stored. RSS saves a lot of time if you regularly visit the same resources, or perform the same actions.

Also, RSS technology can be used for bulk loading of teasers without the need to constantly create them manually.

Download teasers via RSS

1. To download teasers using RSS, you need in your personal account to find the appropriate teaser advertising campaign and go to the list of promotional materials:

My Account / Campaigns / Campaigns / Manage Teasers

2. In the form that appears, select the teaser and click on the "RSS" button for it:

image 1

3. On the "RSS management" form, in the "URL" field, add a link to the file with the rss feed. Within 30 minutes after saving, ads will be moderated if the campaign status is Active / Suspended / Awaiting Payment. In parallel, existing materials will be compared with materials in the RSS feed, if the option "Do not delete materials when checking RSS" is not selected:

  • If the material is in the system, but not in the RSS, the current material will be deleted;
  • If the material is not in the system, but it is in RSS - a new material will be created
image 2

4. Requirements for downloadable material:

  1. The combination “Image + header + text of the material” must be unique in the system;
  3. Header length is no more than 30 characters;
  5. Text length not exceeding 70 characters;
  7. Picture size is no more than 150Kb. Picture format: jpg, png, gif, jpeg;
  9. Domain in the material URL must match the domain in the URL of the parent campaign.
  10. </ ol>

    Materials that are not suitable for the above parameters will not be skipped. The campaign also creates the amount of materials allowed by the user's settings.

    A more detailed description of the procedure for working with teasers can be found in the article on teasers .

    Parameters of the RSS file, which must be filled in:

                        <title> ...... </title>
                        <link> ...... </link>
                        <description> ...... </description>
                        <enclosure url = ...... />

    Data on the teaser is transmitted in the <item> tag:

    • <title> - teaser title
    • <link> - link to go
    • <description> - teaser text
    • <enclosure> - an element to illustrate images, where in the url parameter you need to insert a link to the image

    5. Rules for the mapping of downloadable file tags with Kadam tags (this logic must be followed when filling in the fields on the "RSS Management" form):

    - If the tag is included in the tree of another tag, the hierarchy between them should be selected through the characters "//" (title // title1 or parameter // parameter1 // parameter2). It is not necessary to specify a hierarchy for tags of the 1st level of nesting.

    - If the tag has a specific attribute, this attribute must be selected with the characters "::" (item // enclosure: url or parameter1 // parameter2 // parameter3 // parameter4 :: atr1)


    To correctly download the RSS file, it is very important to correctly match the tags used in your file with the tags on the Kadam side. The example below illustrates the structure of the downloadable RSS file, as well as tags that need to be put on the form "RSS management":

                  <title> Quest Rooms in Moscow. </ title>
                        </ link>
                  </ main>
                        <! [CDATA [New popular entertainment, already goosebumps! ]]>
                  </ description>
                  <enclosure url = "" type = "image / jpeg" length = "14953" />

    Filling in the fields on the "RSS Management" form:

    Field Field Value
    Body Teaser item
    Title title
    Jump Link main // link
    Teaser Text description
    Image Link enclosure :: url