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Banner - a graphic image of an advertising character, which can be both static and contain animated elements.

In order to add Banner in an advertising campaign it is necessary: ​​
In the personal account in the list of campaigns, click on the "Manage Banners "of the desired campaign (image 1).

image 1

Then the management page will be opened Banners.

Adding banners

To add Banners you need to click on the button "Add Banner "" (image 2).

image 2

After that, the creation page is Banner (image 3).

image 3

To create Banner you must fill in all the required fields and upload an image.

The text that will be displayed in your account as Banner. The name Banner is not displayed on the webmasters site. If you do not fill this field, the name is Banner will correspond to its id in the system.


Link to go when clicking on Banner. The domain specified in the campaign settings must match the Url Banner.


Valid file extensions: gif, jpg, jpeg, png ;. Maximum size: 150.0 KB.

The list of sizes supported by the system Banners:

88x31 170x100 300x250 980x120
100x100 180x80 300x300 600x500
100x200 180x150 300x600 1280x752
120x60 200x80 320x50 320x100
600x976 120x90 200x200 336x280
1024x768 120x240 200x300 384x115
800x1232 120x600 230x60 400x40
962x553 120x800 234x60 468x60
1280x800 125x125 240x100 468x120
1600x2560 125x250 240x400 500x100
601x914 150x60 250x130 500x200
914x601 160x60 250x250 580x400
1067x619 160x120 250x360 728x90
160x400 270x60 930x180 640x480
160x600 300x50 970x90

You can also add several banners at once in one form. To do this, simply click the "Select file" button and select a new banner file that will meet the requirements (image 4).

Создание баннера
image 4


If the size of the file being uploaded is supported by the system, then the size of Banner is automatically detected.

Pause after moderation.

After saving Banner will be sent for moderation. In case of successful moderation and when this field is checked, the status of advertising material will be “suspended” and not “active”.

Set bids.

Here you can customize bids for specific promotional material. By default, the bids specified in the campaign settings are used.

Keyword Targeting.

Displays a list of Keywords that have been added to the campaign settings. After all the fields are filled, you must click on the "Create" button (image 5).

image 5

Or to the button "Save and add more" (image 6).

image 6

In case of correct filling of the form fields, Banner is saved and the form for adding a new material opens.

In addition to the standard method, you can create and add a banner yourself using the Banner Generator tool.

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