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Banner Generator is a graphical editor that allows to quickly create Banner one of the most popular sizes in the system:

See the video instructions for creating a banner in our generator:

Access to the editor can be obtained by clicking on "Banner Generator" button in the list of banner campaign materials. (image 1)

image 1

In the banner generator you can select 4 main options:

  • add and edit image </ li>
  • add and edit buttons </ li>
  • add and edit text </ li>
  • frame and background settings </ li> </ ul>

    Adding and editing an image

    To upload an image, click "Add Image" (image 2).

    image 2

    The boot menu appears on the right. You can download an image file from your device or specify a link to an image from any site on the Internet. You can download both a static image and an animated one. Supported file extensions: gif, jpg, jpeg, png. The weight of the image file should not exceed 1 mb (image 3).

    image 3

    After the image has been loaded, it will be possible to resize it, set and edit the image frame, round the corners, set the transparency, rotate (image 4).

    image 4

    Adding and editing a button

    To add a button to the banner, click "Add button" button (image 5).

    image 5

    The button is added automatically and it will be possible to resize it, set the background color and button frame, round corners, set transparency, shadow, rotate (image 6).

    image 6

    Adding and editing text

    To add text to the banner you need to click "Add text" (image 7).

    image 7

    The text is added automatically and you can change its content, font, size, style, alignment, color, shadow, rotate (image 8).

    image 8

    You can switch between all banner elements using the mouse cursor by clicking on the desired element and using permutations of plans between elements (image 9).

    image 9

    Setting the frame and background

    Clicking on the color squares you can set the background color, frame color and frame thickness, if necessary (image 10).

    image 10

    After editing all the elements to add a banner to the campaign, you need to click the "Create" button (image 11).

    image 11

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