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Report Purpose

In the "Lead" section you can see conversion reports for the period of interest on the offers you created. Access to the section is at the following address:

Advertiser Account /Statistics /Leads

image 1

Filter Panel

The report can be formed in the context of the following parameters:

  • Date from /to - the time interval for which statistics will be displayed

When you click on the icon under the table part, statistics are exported to an xls file.

image 2

Main fields

The following fields are displayed in the tabular part:

  1. Click Time
  3. Action Time
  5. Offer ID
  7. ID - material ID
  9. Postback URL - the URL containing the conversion notification
  11. IP is the IP of the conversion user. In the case of Postback, the IP of the server that sent the postback
  13. Amount - conversion amount
  15. Status - the main statuses of the system: In operation /Rejected /Ok