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Advertising campaigns targeted at those sites that contain these words or exact phrases.
For example, if you ask the key question “love horoscope”. If the page contains only the word "horoscope" or "love taurus horoscope", then your ad does not appear on this page.

How to select the appropriate words for the campaign?

You can advertise and receive advertisements that allow you to accurately describe your product / service or their benefits. Thus, you will be able to attract the most targeted audience and increase your sales on the Internet.

Use synonyms or related expressions, for example, “healthy food”, “healthy food”, “healthy food”. It is not recommended to use only the word "food". For the selection of synonyms, you can use any online dictionary.

Consider complex words, such as “audio”. This kind of word can also be written as “audio technician”.

Single words, but related to different parts of speech. For example, “manicure in the salon” and “nail salon”.

Advertising campaign. If you sell shoes, then you should not specify the words "TV" or "cosmetics."

Services for the selection of keywords

You can use these services:

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