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A promo post is a posting on a social network. A promo post is a native advertisement that does not differ from ordinary posts, because it cannot have a pronounced advertising character. Promotional post contains image, title and text.

In order to add promo post you must first create an advertising campaign of the appropriate format
Click on the "+ Create campaign" button and select the "Promo-post" advertising format.

pic. one

Fill in all required fields in the form of an advertising campaign. A description of all the fields can be found in the instructions on the creating an advertising campaign.

After creating the campaign, click on the "Manage promotional posts "desired campaign.
pic. 2

Then the management page will be opened promo by posts. To add Promotional Post you need click on the button "Add promo-post "(Figure 3).

fig. 3

After that the creation page of the promotional post will open (Fig.4).

fig. four

There are such ways to create ads.

Adding a promotional post in automatic mode

To create Promotional Post in In automatic mode, in the "Download mode" field, select "Automatic (by reference)" (Fig. 4)

The data for the promotional post will be taken from the page code meta tags:
<meta property = "og: image" content = " http : // ">
<meta property = "og: title" content = "Title">
<meta property = "og: description" content = "Description.">

Material will not be saved if:
- page not found;
- the domain does not match the domain of the company;
- any of the 3 "property" given above will be empty;
- picture not loaded;
- limit on the amount of materials reached

Adding a promotional post manually

Allows you to specify your title, text, and upload your image promotional posts.
To create Promotional Post manually it is necessary to select "Specify manually" in the "Download mode 'field.

fig. five

To create promotional post you need fill in all required fields and upload an image.
'Target Url.' The link to go when clicking on promotional post. The domain specified in the campaign settings must match Url promotional post.
'The title and text of the promotional post.' The title will be displayed above the description promotional post on the site. Text will be displayed next to the image. You can use up to 125 characters in the header. The text can use no more than 255 characters.
'Image.' Image promo-post. The aspect ratio should be 1.92: 1 and a format equal to or greater than 480 * 250. Valid file extensions: jpg, png, jpeg. Maximum file weight: 512.0 KB
'Pause after moderation.' After saving promo-post will go to moderation, in case of successful moderation and when this field is checked, the status of advertising material will be “suspended” and not “active”.
'Customize bids' . Set bids for specific promotional material. By default, the bids specified in Campaign Settings are used.

Bulk download promotional post via RSS

Similar to bulk upload teaser by RSS

Requirements for promotional materials for promotional post format and advertised resources

'Advertising is not allowed in promotional posts:'
- Services for the promotion of communities, applications, cheating "likes" on social networks in a manual or automated way;
- Goods and services for adults, including dating services;
- Alcohol and tobacco products, including smoking blends and accessories (hookahs, electronic cigarettes, etc.);
- Weapons (both firearms and cold);
- Gambling (casino, bookmakers, including poker);
- Sites of a political nature (political publications, personal sites of political figures, etc.); - Resources forcing the user to fraudulently pay for any services; resources that pursue the goal of receiving paid SMS from users (MT subscriptions); - As well as other resources that violate the basic rules of the service.

'Requirements for promotional materials in the promotional post format:'
- The text and title of the advertisement must comply with the norms and rules of the literary language in which the advertisement is published;
- The image for the campaign format of the promotional post should not have a clearly advertising character;
- The image should not resemble a banner or a collection of images of other formats (for example, teasers);
- Animated images are not allowed;
- The announcement, as well as the landing, should not contain shocking, unaesthetic, frightening or candid images (diseases, injuries, catastrophes, defiantly dressed people or people represented in provocative poses of a sexual nature); - The image must be of high quality (both the quality of the graphics and the quality of the content of the image).

An example of a promotional post on a social network

pic. 6