Creating xml feed for dynamic retargeting

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Creating an xml feed is necessary if the advertiser does not have his own informer, which shows the user the goods he is interested in. Based on the xml-feed, an automatic banner generation takes place, with the ability to independently develop a design.

To use the dynamic retargeting function, the product database must be loaded into the kadam system. Based on the data from this database, dynamic banners will be formed.

The base of goods must be in the format of the xml-feed version 1.0.

Xml structure:


Where: <offers> </offers> limits the beginning and end of the document.

<OID> - crc32 from the product name without spaces

The block includes a set of required parameters:

  • <name> </name> - product name
  • <price> </price> - the current price of the product
  • <url> </url> - link to product page
  • <image> </image> - product image

In the absence of at least one of the required product parameters, a dynamic banner for this product will not be created.

The <additional_info> </additional_info> block contains a set of optional parameters. For example:

  • <id> </id> - unique product identifier
  • <discount> </discount> - discount amount
  • <currency> </currency> - currency

The block can contain any other parameters that need to be displayed in a dynamic banner.

Development of a dynamic banner for each client is individual.

If there is an xml feed of a different format, please contact your manager for integration.