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Premium materials allow you to get more traffic, as they have the opportunity to get to more sites. But the requirements for premium materials are much higher.

In addition to the basic system requirements for advertising materials and advertised resources, premium advertising also cannot include:

1. Campaigns that contain presentations / landings imitating websites of famous magazines, TV shows, government bodies, etc.
2. Materials and landing pages that contain shock content.
3. Political and yellow news.
4. Resources promoting gambling.
5. Materials and landing pages that contain adult content.
6. MT-Subscriptions.
7. Medical offers for men (for example, M-16, etc.)

In addition, the graphics and content of ads must be of very high quality.

Examples of premium teasers:

Premiumtiz.png Tizerprem.png

Requirements for graphic content Banners:

1. Not blurred, not stretched quality image.
2. Frame around the perimeter of the image.
3. Presence on the image of the company logo or the name of the advertised product.
4. Availability of information on the age of the user / buyer for whom the advertised product is intended / permitted. Age information should be written in "12+" format, etc.

Example of a premium banner:

Game premium.png

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