How to set up retargeting using a matching

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To set up retargeting with the help of a match, you need to have a list of users who need to be included in the list of retargeting. The URL for the match must contain macros [UID] and [URL]. Each time you click through your advertising materials, the system calls your URL for the match. In the UID macro, the user ID is transmitted in our system. If this user is to be included in the retargeting list, then it is necessary to send data about this user to the URL transmitted in the [URL] macro. Once the data is sent, the user will be included in the retargeting list. The user will be in the list for as many days as you specified in the settings of the re-entry group. You can select any of several retargeting lists in the campaign settings. Despite targeting settings, your ads will be shown to users from the target list on all sites of our network. Your ads will receive impressions, provided there are at least 50 users in the retargeting group.