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This page is a translated version of the page Загрузка HTML5 баннеров and the translation is 100% complete.

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For flexibility and more adaptation for HTML layout, HTML5 banner format is used. Loading HTML banners is similar to loading regular banners.

1. To upload an HTML banner, go to "Advertiser Office", select the banner campaign you need in the "Campaigns" section, click on "Manage Banners" and click on "Add HTML Banner" button in the list of promotional materials on the control panel.

image 1
image 2

2. In the interface that appears, you must specify the "Name" of the banner, as well as enter the URL address to redirect when clicking on the banner.

image 3

3. In the "Banner" field, select the file to be loaded. Requirements for loading HTML banners:

  • Before downloading, the html banner should be archived in .zip format (the banner is archived directly, without first moving to the folder and then archiving the folder). There must be a file with the extension ".html" (see the description of the structure of the html file below)
  • Maximum upload file size should not exceed 100kB
  • Click on the banner should cause the opening of a new window
  • In order for external statistics (affiliate program, Google Analytics, etc.) to see from which sites and promotional materials there were conversions and conversions, you need to add the following macros to the advertised link:                
    1. [SID] - send the site id;
    3. [ID] - send the banner id;
    5. [CID] - send the campaign id. The type of advertising link for each affiliate program is different, because the link with our macros will look like, you should specify in the support of the affiliate program.

    Sample for Google Analytics:

image 4

For correct loading, the .html file must contain a minimal structure:

      <html> # Start html file
        <head> </head> # header of the html file
        <body> </body> # Body of html file
      </html> # End of html file

These tags must be copied to the .html file (without comments) and then saved. The name of the file is valid use of Latin letters and numbers.

4. You must select the size of the loaded HTML banner in the "Size" field.

image 5

5. To pause after moderation - in the case of successful moderation, if this field is checked, the status of the advertising material will be “suspended” and not “active”.

image 6

6. You can set up bids for a specific advertising material in the "Set Bids" group of fields. By default, the bids specified in the campaign settings are used.

image 7

7. Keyword Targeting - displays a list of keywords that have been added in the campaign settings.

image 8

8. To save the banner settings, click on "Create" button.

9.If the banner is shifted to the right and down, then try to remove the indents in the banner code, for example, using the properties of the “margin” and the padding:

     <body style = "margin: 0px; padding: 0px;"> </body>

10. Pay attention that it is prohibited to use iframe in HTML banners.