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Video - video ads (pre roll). They are easily perceived by users and can convey basic information about a product or service in a few seconds. They show themselves perfectly in almost any vertical.

In order to add a Video in the advertising campaign, you must click on “Manage video”, found in your list of personal campaigns


The system allows you to load video one by one. Click on “Add Video” to add more video ads.


Fill in all the fields:


Name. Can be anything, displayed only in the video content management list.

URL. Link for redirecting when clicking on a video.

File. Selected video clip.

File requirements:

Allowed extensions: mp4

Maximum size: 30 MB.

Pause after moderation. After saving, the advertising materials will be sent for moderation. In case of successful passing of moderation and when this field is checked, the status of the advertising material will be "paused", not "active".


Set bids. Here you can set up bids for a specific ad. By default, the bids specified in the campaign settings are used.