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Traditionally, video advertising is perceived as an effective, but very expensive format, inaccessible to advertisers with a small budget. However, at NeoSight, we like to break down barriers and stereotypes, and prove to you that video advertising is not only effective, but also very inexpensive. It won’t be long till you get a successful traffic arbitration using our great service.

We have created an advertising campaign and uploaded video materials to guide you through the process.

Results of the campaign:

Cost of 1000 views: 100 rubles.
Budget: 1034.80 rubles
Number of hits: 10348
Number of clicks: 1085
CTR: 10.49
Cost per click: 0.95 rub. Number of conversions: 40
Cost of conversion: 30
Earned: 1200 RUB

image 1

As shown above, the results meet our expectations. The cost of a click in the video ad here is lower than what you would expect in a teaser. Perhaps it is worth spending the time to make a video ad that results in high conversion rate and see the benefits for yourself.