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If your question concerns a technical aspect, but you have not found an answer to it in any of the articles in the Kadam Library, please inform the mail about the characteristics of your PC and browser. To find out the characteristics of your computer, follow the instructions below.

Right-click on the Computer icon. If there is no Computer icon on the desktop, click "Start", find Computer in the menu and right-click on "Properties".

Pay attention to the System field in the window that opens, it indicates which processor is installed, RAM, and the type of system. If this information is not helpful, click on the Windows Performance Index line. A window should open with performance indicators. These statistics will show the capabilities of the hardware and software configuration of the computer.

If you are an experienced windows user and would like to get more information about the computers specifications, go to the Task Manager.” Click "Start - Control Panel - Device Manager."

You can also find more detailed information in “System Information”. To do this, follow the path "Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - System Information" or click "Start" and in the search bar enter "Details" and select "System Information". Here you can find out the model of the motherboard, the type of processor, the BIOS version, the amount of RAM and much more regarding the software of your PC.

Send any gathered information from your system, as well as the full version of your browser to the following email: