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After launch all new materials begin the learning process, then they receive the clickability status and begin to participate in the auction according to the statuses. The learning process never ends, and the status may change slightly, mainly downward in the process of burning out the material. The evaluation will allow you to get more complete information about the advertising campaign and evaluate it compared to others.

The clickability status of the material can be one of the following:
1. in training - this status is displayed during the evaluation of materials by the system;
2. low clickability - the status is not sufficient for a good spin. It is recommended to exclude such material from the campaign;
3. below average - a factor in which you need to set a high bid to be able to increase the number of impressions;
4. average click-through rate - a factor in which it is recommended to slightly increase the bid in case of insufficient traffic;
5. above average is a good indicator, where you can slightly increase the bid if there is not enough traffic;
6. highly clickable is the highest factor. Material with this status occupies a high position in the rotation, even if the bid is low.

Nuances that will help you manage your campaigns effectively:
1. The clickability status is not related to the total CTR of the material. A material with a high click-through rate may have a lower CTR than a similar material with a low click-through rate. The fact is that materials can be published on different sites, and the response to the same materials on different sites is different. The indicator is relative, and the comparison takes place within a single cross-section.
2. You can't compare the clickability of materials from different categories. For example, the material from the category “Losing Weight“ with a high click-through rate will not be able to buy clicks at the same price as buying material from the “Political News“ category with a low click-through rate, since the "Losing Weight" category relative to "Political News" has a significantly lower CTR.
3. High clickability is rare. With this status, the material will be promoted more efficiently than others, even with a low ROI.
4. If the click-through rate is low, the material should be removed from publication, an analysis of the reasons should be carried out, and this experience should be taken into account in future campaigns.