Material clickability

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On Training - this status is displayed for materials during the period of their clickability assessment by the system.

At the end of this period, the material will be considered as trained and will start receiving views according to the received clickability factor.

Further, the status of the material can be one of the following:

- low clickability - clickability factor is insufficient for good unscrewing of the material. Such material is recommended to be excluded from the campaign;

- below average is a factor in which you need to set a high bid for the possibility of increasing the number of views;

- the average clickability is the factor of clickability, at which it is recommended to slightly increase the rate in case of insufficient traffic;

- above average is a good indicator of clickability, at which you can slightly increase the rate if there is not enough traffic;

- highly clickable - the highest factor of material clickability. Material with this status takes a high position in the rotation even under the condition of a low rate.