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An important factor for working with campaigns is the ability to transmit the ids of the ads sites on which the materials are being displayed. The transmission of the ids will allow the analyzing of the traffic flow on the sites, as well as the optimization of the advertising campaign:
{click_id} - send click id;
{site_id} - to send the website ID;
{ad_id} - to send an ad ID;
{campaign_id} - to send a campaign ID;
{country_code} - to send a country code;"
{city} - to send a city name;"
{subdivision} - to send GEO region;"
{page_cat_id} - to send the page category
{cpc} - to send a click cost in selected currency
{price_model} - to send price model
{sub_age} - to send user’s subscription age
{browser} - to send a browser name
{language} - to send a browser language
{platform} - to send OS name
{platform_version} - to send an OS version
{device} - to send a device name