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Section Assignment

To work with your current advertising campaigns, select the “Campaigns” option. In this section, you can create a new advertising campaign, edit, as well as view statistics on already existing campaigns. This section can be accessed at the following address:
My Account / Campaign / Campaign


Create a Campaign

When you click on "+ Create campaign" button, a new entry is created. More detailed information on creating campaigns with various forms of payment can be found here: СРС campaign, СРМ campaign, CPA Target campaign.

Filter Bar

The list of campaigns displayed to the user can be filtered depending on the following parameters:

In addition, a row of buttons is also located on the filter panel:

  1. Resume - advertising materials are resumed and the campaign becomes active again if it was previously stopped;
  3. Pause - the campaign is currently running;
  5. To archive - the campaign is sent to the archive (My Account / Campaigns / Campaign Archive). Going to the appropriate section, the campaign can be restored again from the archive and returned to the list of all campaigns;
  7. Delete - the campaign is completely removed from the list of campaigns, without the ability to restore it in the future;
  9. Add to folder - moves selected campaigns to the selected folder

Tabular part

Above the tabular part is a list of all folders used to sort campaigns. When you click on the "+" button, a new folder is added. The following fields are displayed in the tabular part:

  1. Campaign - contains the following data:             
    • Campaign ID
    • Campaign Name
    • Campaign URL - with the ability to navigate through it
    • Payment model
    • Statistics - when clicked, a transition to the "Statistics by campaign" report
    • Statistics by sites - when clicked, a transition to the report by sites for the date selected in the "Date from / to" field
    • Advertising format - the name of the selected format of advertising materials in the campaign
    • Materials management - a transition to the campaign management materials page
  3. Bids - Campaign Bid Range (from minimum to maximum)
  5. Materials active / suspended - the number of active and suspended advertising materials for the current campaign
  7. Maximum clicks per day - the maximum number of conversions per day based on materials of the current campaign
  9. Maximum funds per day - the maximum amount that can be paid by the advertiser in one day on targeted actions of users
  11. Views - the total number of ad views for the selected period
  13. Training - the number of targeted actions within the training mode: views / clicks / conversions
  15. Clicks - the number of clicks on advertising materials of the current campaign for the selected period
  17. Conversions - the number of conversions carried out in the campaign (A summary figure for all dates is displayed). Three values ​​are displayed:             
    • Confirmed conversions;
    • Hold conversions (can go to confirmed);
    • Rejected conversions.
  19. CTR - number of clicks in relation to the number of views in the context of campaigns
  21. Money - amount spent by the advertiser on the materials of the current campaign
  23. Status - current campaign status
  25. Manage - a list of available actions for working with campaigns:             
    • Edit - switch to the campaign edit form
    • Resume - resume the campaign advertisements
    • Pause - suspend the display of campaign advertisements
    • Archive - move campaign to archive
    • Duplicate - creates a new campaign with the same settings as the current one
    • Event Tracking - providing the code that tracks events on the advertised page
    • Delete - deletes the current campaign
    • Convert - creates a new campaign with the same settings, but in a different format
  27. Date - the date the campaign was added

Campaign Tips

The system provides a number of tips for the advertiser to pay attention to the absence of important settings or advertising formats that can bring more traffic. In order to see the hint, you must click once on the icon with the exclamation mark.


Important tips:

! Add advertising materials - advertiser forgot to add advertising materials to his campaign. This means that campaign views will not start until at least one ad material has been added.

! Not enough advertising materials - to get enough traffic, the system recommends adding at least five advertising materials to a campaign. If this is a banner campaign, then it’s best to use banners of this size: 728x90, 300x250, 320x50, 240x400, 500x200

! Add the keywords to the campaign - the presence of keywords in the campaign will help to get more targeted traffic. For more information on how to get traffic with keywords, you can find out here.

In order for the prompts to no longer appear near the campaign, you must fulfill all the conditions or click on "Close" button under each prompt.