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Advertising campaigns targeted at sites that contain the specific keywords or key phrases. For example, if your key phrase is ‘love horoscope,’ and the page only contains the word ‘horoscope’ or ‘love taurus horoscope,’ then your ad will not appear on this page.

How to select the appropriate words for the campaign?

You can advertise and receive advertisements that allow you to accurately describe your product / service or their benefits. Thus, you will be able to attract the most targeted audience and increase your sales on the Internet.

Use synonyms or related expressions, for instance, ‘anti aging cream’, ‘anti aging treatment,’ or ‘anti aging solution.’ It is not recommended to only use the word ‘aging.’ To find good synonyms, you may use any online dictionary.

Consider complex words, such as ‘database” and ‘malnutrition.’ These words can also be written by people as ‘data base,’ and ‘mal nutrition.’

You can use phrases with single meaning that can be written differently. For example, ‘manicure in the salon’ can also be interpreted as ‘nail salon.’

If you are selling shoes, then you should not include the words ‘TV’ or ‘cosmetics’ in your advertising campaign.

Services for the selection of keywords

You can use these services:

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