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Traffic in Kadam is distributed on an auction basis. As higher the teaser’s CPM, than more traffic the ad will receive.

The main parameters that affect the number of ad views:

Bid ​​

This is one of the main factors that affects the amount of traffic received, because when you increase the rate, the CPM also increases, which allows the ad to take a higher position among competitors. Such an ad will be shown more often and can provide greater coverage of the target audience.


“CTR” (click-through rate) is the ratio of the number of clicks on an advertisement to the number of views. The higher this indicator is, the more people will be able to receive an ad. CTR can be increase by having:

  • a high quality image.
  • an intriguing title and text.
  • well written text.

Advertising campaign targeting

When setting up advertising campaigns, the following factors influence the amount of traffic:

  • Category Targeting
  • Age Targeting
  • Targeting by gender
  • Geotargeting
  • Platform Targeting
  • Browser Targeting

Broadly targeting the settings will increase the amount of ad traffic.

Black and white lists, blocking by ip.

IP locking spesific IP adresses with black and white lists naturally reduces traffic.

Time Targeting.

If the recommended time region is changed to a custom time region, the number of views an ad will receive is often reduced.