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Any offer must be tested - this is a truism for the arbitrator. Only by testing you can avoid large monetary losses and understand whether it is worth working with the selected offer or not.

A common mistake of newbies in arbitration is to wait for the offer to immediately “shoot”. Experienced arbitrators know that you first need to spend your time and money on tests. But then, when the profit bundle is found, the money spent will certainly pay off.

If you take your first steps in arbitration, then before launching PC, be sure to read our tips on testing offers. They will help you not to drain all the money "in the dumplings" and choose an offer that will be profitable.

How to test the offer

Offer selection

If you are a beginner, we advise you register in several top affiliate programs. You can either ask the managers what the arbitrators are now actively pouring (some of them have open statistics on TOP offers for the week), or go the other way - use specialized services like AdvanceTS.

In the second case, you will need to analyze the issuance of promotional materials that the service offers. What is the topic of most ads? For example, if on the first page most of the promotional materials for weight loss, then it makes sense to test some slimming.

Choice of laying, landing

So, you have decided on the offer. Now you need to choose a landing page and a transit page for it, the so-called pad. What is a gasket? For those who are not yet in the know, I explain. Laying is a webpage designed to convince the visitor to go to the landing page and “warm it up” to make the order.

How to choose strip and landing:

Option 1. Contact the affiliate manager.

Option 2. See the same AdvanceTS.

Option 3. Perform a split test. Select the landing pages that you like best, and conduct A / B testing - as a result, leave only the land that best converts. This method is the most objective, but it requires large investments (if you have only 1000 rubles on your balance, then it is better to choose the first or second option) and knowledge of the technology for conducting split tests.

Target audience definition

Target audience - a key factor in testing the offer. Here it is necessary: ​​a) to think logically; b) search and analyze information on the subject of the offer on the Internet. For example, if you pour on a children's GPS clock, then your target audience is the parents of children of primary and secondary school age.

It is difficult to determine Central Asia only for the first time. In the future, when you gain experience, you will already do it on the machine.


Where to get keywords? Google AdWords, Yandex Wordstat and other services to help you select keywords to help you. Specify a keyword, for example, weight loss, and select high-frequency search queries from the presented list.

image 1


From the list of categories choose those that are most relevant to the subject of the offer. Here you will be helped by the knowledge of the target audience, namely, its interests. For example, if you pour on children's GPS watches, then it is logical to choose the categories Family and Education, Health and Medicine, Technology and Computing, etc. In the process of testing, analyzing the statistics by category, you will understand which of the categories you choose bring conversions, and which can be disabled.


In the choice of platforms, everything is simple - be guided by the description of the offer. If only desktop traffic is allowed, then mobile platforms should be disabled and vice versa.


Most of the settings we have already dismantled, now it remains to set rates. The price per action is better to take at least 50% of the payment, the rate by category is the average between the specified minimum and maximum (as an option, ask your manager). Keyword rates are 20-30% higher than rates by category (to attract thematic traffic).

Ads: text + image

No matter how accurately you set up an advertising campaign, if the target audience does not like ads, their CTR will be low.

When creating an ad, consider the moment that it should be as relevant as possible to your laying and landing, to which you will merge traffic. Otherwise, the person will be disappointed and the matter may not be reached before the conversion.

Here are some effective formulas for creating advertising text: Offer + Time Limit + Call to Action; Problem - Solution- Call to action.

Now we’ll focus on one more question that worries all newbies: how many ads you need to create for a test? The amount of materials depends on the budget that you are willing to spend on testing. If you are a beginner, and you have 1000-2000 rubles, then create 3-4 ads - but the most relevant and catchy attention.

With small budgets, it is better not to load a whole pack of ads so that there is no competition within the campaign, which affects spin and CTR of materials.


The exact figure, how much you need to merge the tests to begin to go into a plus, can’t be called. It all depends on a number of factors: the subject of the offer, the settings of the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc.

You can use the following formula: 1 material = about 70% of the cost of the lead. For example, if the payment on the offer is 600 rubles, then count on 400-450 rubles to be spent on one ad. Therefore, if you create 3 ads, then the test will take 1200-1350 rubles.

Analysis and optimization

The campaign has been launched, now it is time to analyze the results and start optimizing. The first thing to do is to look at the statistics on the materials: remove ineffective (for which there are few clicks and no conversions), follow the example of successful ads to create new ones, download them and launch the RC again. Next, see which categories are well convertible, and for what complete silence, and again start the campaign. Do the same with regions and keywords.


At first, all these settings, tests, optimizations will seem something incomprehensible and difficult to you. Believe me, all the top arbitrators passed through it. If you feel sorry for the time and money spent on tests, throwing everything after the first failure, you are unlikely to succeed.

Work actively with statistics, analyze, try, experiment, learn from the experience of other arbitrageurs. Low CTR? Make your picture more attractive, replace the text with a more selling one. Didn't work with this offer? Be sure to succeed with the other, because you already have experience.

Good luck to everyone and high envelope!