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In this guide we will tell you how to add a site in 3 simple steps and what requirements to comply with.
The first thing you need to do after registration is to add your site. Go to, click Sites and then Add site.


1. Enter site name and add site


2. Access to statistics. Enter Login and Password for LiveInternet. Give guest access to Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytic. Learn more about guest access in this article from Google


3. Confirmation of rights to You can do it by downloading the file or adding the meta tag to the code of the main page of your site.


Click Check. If everything is correct the data on your site will be available in the list of sites after the moderation.


There are 2 steps of moderation of the site. First step is checking for the forbidden content. The second step is checking the statistics by various parameters.

1. Forbidden content:

  • Bux, cheat services
  • The content forbidden by the law of the country where the traffic is bought out (drugs, prostitution, etc.)

2. Site statistics

  • At least 5000 unique visitors daily on each source for the last 2 weeks

Why sites are not moderated

1.Low attendance or poor search traffic. Exceptions — sites with traffic from Yandex.Zen, advertisers projects, showcase sites. All non-standard traffic sources (not sites) are discussed individually.
2.The site was added to the black-list due to bad traffic quality. The final decision on this site is taken individually, depending on how long the site was blacklisted and for what reason.

The full information about criterias you can get from your personal manager.

Important. We strive for safe monetization of sites so we offer webmasters the opportunity to disable any category of advertisers. We strongly recommend to consult with your personal manager before starting the traffic.