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For any type of advertising (Teasers, Banners, Push Notifications, Clickunder), there is an option to add keyword targeting to any of the ad materials displayed.
Targeting keywords can significantly increase the conversion, it will be subjected to use relevant topics found in the ad campaign.

You can choose to not use Categories for targeting, and be limited to keywords only. When using keyword targeting, the traffic will come only from those pages of the site where the specific keywords are present. The search for keywords that’s set in the campaign will be done by meta tags; title, description, keywords, og: tags. In the key phrases specified in the campaign, all punctuation marks and numbers will be cut off, and in each word, the ending will be cut off with the morphological analyzer. If more than one word is used with similar roots, the system perceives them as one word instead of two, reducing the list of unique words in the campaign.

You can also use keyword targeting and targeting by category. In this case, the ads will be broadcasted not only on the pages that contain the specific keywords, but also on the sites corresponding to the selected categories, excluding key phrases. In situations like this, per-click charge will be made depending on whether the display was of categories or keywords.

To use this type of targeting, you need to go to advertising campaign settings, where there is a field "Targeting by keywords:". Key phrases can be added individually or together at once. To add a keyword, you must enter the corresponding values ​​in the "Key phrase" and "Rate" fields

image 1

If the value entered is below the minimum rate, the system will not allow you to save the campaign and will highlight it as an error. To add another key phrase, click on "+" icon. To bulk update bids on all keywords, you must enter the appropriate value in the "Bid" field above the table and click "Apply" button.

To add several phrases at the same time, you must click on "Add a few" button. Then an additional form of mass addition of key phrases will open (image 2).

image 2

To add several key phrases, each phrase must be written from a new line. Rate is indicated for all phrases.
The limit on the number of key phrases is 500.
If you have difficulty finding keywords for your campaign, please use this Article.

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