Creating a list of retargeting matches

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The advertizer must specify a URL for a match in the list settings to compile a list of retargeting:

image 1

Example url for matching:[UID&url=[URL]

[UID] - Our unique user id. This is a dynamic parameter.
[URL] - The URL which is called on a successful match. The is a dynamic parameter - it is a domain where the advertizer launches the match procedure.
Warning! The “?id=[UID]&url=[URL]” phrase must be present in the matching URL for the system to work correctly.

While our ads are being displayed on the sites, we call the URL of the match and pass in the macros of the above parameters.

The advertizer must check whether the URL matched user has an advertizer cookie when calling the match URL.

If there is a cookie, the advertiser should call the [URL] sent by us in the macro.

When the advertiser calls the URL, the user with this ID is listed in the retargeting list.

The procedure for comparing users and calling the URL is developed by the advertiser at his or her discretion.