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Report Purpose

In this section, you can see the statistics for each perfect click on the promotional material for the period of interest. The report can be found at the following address:

Advertiser Account /Statistics /By Clicks

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Filter Panel

The report can be formed in the context of the following parameters:

  • Region 1 - region indication
  • Region 2 - indication of the subregion (values ​​depend on the "Region" filter)
  • Type is the type of advertising campaign, the available values ​​are: All /Advertising formats # .D0.A2.D0.B8.D0.B7.D0.B5.D1.80.D0.BD. D1.8B.D0.B9_.D1.84.D0.BE.D1.80.D0.BC.D0.B0.D1.82. By teasers / By banners / Push notification / Clickunder / Video advertising / Contextual Advertising      
  • Date from /to - time interval for which statistics will be displayed
  • Campaign - indication of a specific advertising campaign
  • Payment Model - indication of Payment model advertising campaigns ( CPC, CPM, KSA)
  • Categories - select filtering category
  • No archived - when this option is selected, statistics will be displayed without regard to remote and archived campaigns.
  • Campaign names - if you select this option, the campaign IDs in the drop-down list will be replaced with their names.
  • Only with audience - if you select this option, statistics will be displayed for the campaigns in which the audience is selected.

When you click on the icon under the table part, statistics are exported to an xls file.

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Main fields

The following fields are displayed in the tabular part:

  1. Time to click - the time the action took place;
  3. Campaign ID
  5. Material ID
  7. Site ID
  9. Preview - contains an icon, when clicked, an image of advertising material appears;
  11. Link - contains the name of the banner, when clicked, it takes you to the landing page;
  13. IP is the IP of the user who is making the transition;
  15. Cost per click - for CPC campaigns: cost of clicking on a link; for CPM campaigns: amount for all impressions /clicks