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When the user clicks on the landing page, the actions performed are automatically read. The information is then sent to the customer service. This information is transmitted as a macro with the appropriate parameters. One of the passed parameters is the CATID macro, which contains the ID of the category of the site on which the click was made.

The IDs passed correspond to the first level category IDs used in the openRTB protocol . A detailed list of site categories can be seen in the table below:

CATID Kadam category ID Value
IAB1 126 Entertainment
IAB1-6 1086 Movies & Music
IAB2 132 Cars
IAB3 133 Business
IAB4 134 Career
IAB5 140 Education
IAB6 1062 Family and education
IAB7 128 Health & Medical
IAB8 1063 Food and Drink
IAB9 124 Hobbies & Interests
IAB9-30 1073 Computer /Mobile Games
IAB10 1064 Home & Garden
IAB11 1065 Laws, government and politics
IAB12 122 News
IAB13 1066 Personal Finance
IAB14 127 Social Networks
IAB15 1067 Science
IAB16 1068 Pets
IAB17 130 Sport
IAB18 1069 Style and Fashion
IAB19 125 Technologies and Calculations
IAB20 136 Travel
IAB21 119 Real Estate
IAB22 137 Shopping
IAB23 1070 Religion and Spirituality
IAB15-1 123 Horoscopes, mysticism, alternative medicine
IAB14-1 1085 Dating and chat
IAB25 1001 Adult Content
IAB26 1071 torrents, warez
IAB24 - Keywords