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Campaign Reports

Campaigns report allows to view statistics for impressions and conversions for all campaigns or for a single campaign for the period of interest, but not more than 45 days. To view the detailed statistics by region, you have to click on "globe". To get acquainted with the detailed statistics on advertising materials, you have to click on "icon" of the desired campaign.

Advertiser Account /Statistics /By Campaign

image 1

Filter Panel

The report can be formed in the context of the following parameters:

When you click on the icon under the table part, statistics are exported to an xls file.

image 2

Main fields

The following fields are displayed in the tabular part:

  1. Campaign ID - Campaign Number:             
    • When you click on globe icon, an additional table appears with a list of all the regions whose users have performed targeted actions in this campaign. It also displays statistics in the context of these regions;
    • Clicking on Banner Statistics icon displays a list of all banner sizes used in the current campaign. Next to the banner ID is the Stop button, which, when clicked, stops the display of the selected banner. Also, by clicking on the banner ID, its image appears;
    • Clicking on Stop icon stops the current campaign.
  3. Campaign Name
  5. Views - number of visitors to the campaign for the specified dates (A summary indicator for all dates is displayed)
  7. Clicks - number of clicks made by users of promotional materials for this campaign (Displays a summary figure for all dates)
  9. CTR - number of clicks in relation to the number of views in the context of campaigns (average value is displayed)
  11. CPM - cost of a thousand impressions per campaign, for a specified date (Average value is displayed)
  13. Money - amount spent by the advertiser on the materials of the current campaign (A summary for all dates is displayed)
  15. Conversions - number of conversions carried out in the campaign (A summary figure for all dates is displayed). Three values ​​are displayed:             
    • Confirmed conversions;
    • Hold conversions (can go to confirmed);
    • Rejected conversions.
  17. Leads - similar indicator as the conversion is calculated only for the bid campaigns. In the case of "hard conversion", only the first lead generates the conversion. The rest of the leads, which came for the same material and block, do not generate conversions (A sum indicator is displayed for all dates)