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Autobidder is a mechanism actively used in electronic auctions and exchanges. This function allows you to automatically change rates when you are buying or selling traffic. As a client of Kadam, you automatically get the opportunity to use our internal autobidder.

When participating in the Kadam traffic purchase auction, the autobidder automatically lowers your rate by adjusting it to market demand. If you set a very high price, your budget will be spent too quickly. Then the auto-bidder mechanism turns on, which reduces the price according to the second-price auction rule. That is, the maximum bid among all available offers will be automatically reduced to the second maximum bid + a small step (0.01 rubles).

When purchasing for traffic, the mechanism allows you to more effectively participate in the bidding.

The following rates are traded: 25 / 43 / 17 / 12. For bid 43, the auto bidder will automatically lower the bid and the new value will be 25.01 (25 is the second maximum bid + 0.01).