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[[File: Elephant1.png| alt = example teaser | center | frame |image 1]] [[File:Elephant2.png | alt = teaser example | center | frame |image 2]]
[[File: Elephant1.png|image 1]] [[File:Elephant2.png|image 2]]
=== Banner format. ===
=== Banner format. ===

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Teaser format.

Teaser is a small ad that consists of an image, short text, and a title. It contains only a part of the information about your product/service without showing too many details. This method is used to intrigue potential clients and encourage the purchase/order (image 1).
This format is one of the most popular and allows you to receive a sufficient amount of traffic at a low cost per click.
Valid file extensions for the image: jpg, png, jpeg, gif; Maximum weight: 512.0 KB; The image can be square and rectangular, the image size should be not less than 500 * 500 pixels.
The maximum number of characters in the header is 30.
The maximum number of characters in the text is 70.
The maximum word length is 20 characters.

image 1 image 2

Banner - a graphic image of an advertising character, may contain static images, replacing one another or animated elements (image 3), always contains a hyperlink to the landing page or to the advertiser’s website.
Banner advertising is a great format for combining image and marketing functions, creating a visual image of the product.
Standard file formats for adding banners in RK: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, html. Maximum size: 150.0 KB
Clicking on the banner should open a new window. It is prohibited for the ad to interact with the rest of the webpage, external websites, the computer’s camera, its microphone, its clipboard, or its local storage space. List of supported banner sizes:

88x31 170x100 300x300 980x120
100x100 180x80 300x300 600x500
100x200 180x150 300x600 1280x752
120x60 200x80 320x50 320x100
600x976 120x90 200x200 336x280
1024x768 120x240 200x300 384x115
800x1232 120x600 230x60 400x40
962x553 120x800 234x60 468x60
1280x800 125x125 240x100 468x120
1600x2560 125x250 240x400 500x100
601x914 150x60 250x130 500x200
914x601 160x60 250x250 580x400
1067x619 160x120 250x360 728x90
160x400 270x60 930x180
160x600 300x50 970x90
image 3

Push notification

A push notification is a pop-up notification system that appears in the corner of your computer screen or on your cell phone’s notification list. You can choose to close this window. This format of push-notifications is suitable for all sites, various advertising topics without restrictions, all geographical areas and has a high CTR (Click Through Rate).
The aspect ratio of the loaded image must be 1: 1 and the format is equal to or more than 500 * 500 pixels. Valid file extensions: jpg, png, jpeg, gif. Maximum size: 512.0 KB
The maximum number of characters in the header is 30.
The maximum number of characters in the text is 70.
The maximum word length is 20 characters.

image 4


Clickunder is an advertising format that allows the advertiser’s site to open up in a new browser window after the user clicks on any area of the page on which ad is located.
The advantage of this format is that it is low cost per click.
The clickunder campaign is only active when there is more than 500 rubles on the account. If the balance is 500 rubles or less, the campaign will not receive any impressions.

Video format (pre-roll)

Video advertising (pre roll) is an advertising video that is shown to the user before the start of the requested main video. Video advertising is effective, and an inexpensive tool for a successful traffic arbitration.
The duration of the video from 15 to 30 seconds. The optimal roller weight is 20 MB (maximum - 30 MB). Formats - MP4, FVL.

image 6

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