Advertising campaigns systematization

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The folder system is better when working with advertising campaigns. For instance, this method makes it more convenient for you to analyze the effectiveness of several campaigns of different formats for the same products or service.

1. To create a new folder, go to the page with the list of campaigns and click “+” button.

image 1

2. Create and enter a folder name for a group of campaigns.

image 2

3. You will see the name of the new folder at the top of the table with campaigns.

image 3

4. Move the necessary advertising campaigns to the folder. To do this, select a campaign, click on the "Add to folder" button, select the appropriate folder from the list and click "Add."

image 4

5. To remove an advertising campaign from a folder, go to the desired folder, select an advertising campaign and click on "Remove from folder" button.

image 5