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When working with creating ads, it is more convenient to use the mass management feature. In order to combine and select all ads or a group of ads together, you can check the checkbox found in the upper left hand corner of the screen. You can then manage them however you prefer. (image 1).

image 1

Ads that need to be acted upon can be selected using these tags. Buttons for managing materials are located above the list of promotional materials (image 2).

image 2


Allows to remove marked promotional materials.


Pauses marked promotional items.


Resumes showing selected ads.

Change Url.

Allows to specify the url for the selected teasers, while the link domain must match the domain specified in the settings of the advertising campaign.


This feature allows to transfer advertising materials to another campaign.

Set bids.

This feature allows you to edit rates for individual categories for selected ads. For all advertising materials, the bids on keywords are changed only in the campaign settings.


This feature allows to copy advertising materials to another campaign.