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Now that we have created a campaign and scrolled through the test budget, it's time to start optimizing campaigns to improve ad performance and pour into even more plus with Kadam.net.

Optimizing campaigns consists of several basic things:

1. Target adjustment based on overall campaign statistics.
2. Cream Optimization.
3. Rate adjustment based on campaign redemption.
4. Test new ad formats for your products.

On the platform, we have our own convenient and effective tools for optimizing campaigns. In order for you to be able to optimize campaigns within our service, it is very important to transfer statistics to us directly by conversion/lead, or work through the tracker - > Kadam.

To do this, you must configure Postback integration. The general setup instruction for Postback URL is available here.

Once statistical integration has been set up, you can start the optimization itself. Let's talk about each step in more detail:

1. Target adjustment based on overall campaign statistics.

In order to adjust the ransom for current campaigns, you need to be able to analyze statistics by account.


In this section, we can see the statistics on our account based on the sections we need.


Here we can see which traffic slice works better/worse in your advertising campaigns and turn off the worst slices in the settings of current advertising campaigns, as well as in new test campaigns.

We conduct a daily quality check of our traffic and, of course, fight for it. However, each product has its own target audience, and optimization helps to select the most suitable traffic flows.

As for the best payback sections, you can run new campaigns on them separately with increased rates, and thus redeem more quality and traffic suitable for your product.

2. Cream Optimization..

It's no secret that working with push notification formats, native ads, banners and videos includes the lion's share of working with advertising materials. For this, we have made convenient statistics on materials at Kadam.

It can be found directly in the "Ad Management" called your ad campaign.


By going to this tool and selecting the desired date, you will be able to see which creative way it works - whether it is worth disabling or scaling them based on data.


Using this data, you can focus on the best materials and add similar ones - this will directly increase the effectiveness of your advertising.

And of course, do not forget to stop the work of inefficient creatives, editing them or replacing them with more suitable ones. All this can be done right in this section


3. Rate adjustment based on campaign redemption.

Your campaign rates are directly dependent on the amount of traffic you receive, so they can control traffic flows across your campaigns.

You can change rates either in the campaign settings:


Or in site statistics (if you need to raise or lower the rate to several sites in our system).


4. Test new ad formats for your products.

Different ad formats are suitable for each offer, so one of the options to optimize and scale your product's ads is to connect new ad formats. Here are just a few examples of verticals for each advertising format:

  • Push notifications. Excellent format for comprehensive and retargeting advertising campaigns in almost all verticals: e-commerce, games and mobile applications, sports betting, finance, nutra, news and content, dating, swipstakes and draws.
  • Clickunder. Like the previous format, it is suitable for inclusive and retargeting advertising campaigns, as well as for impulse demand products. Verticals: games and mobile apps, news and content, sports betting, swipstakes and raffles, adult products and services, news and update subscriptions, extensions and software.
  • Native ads. The format works successfully with any vertical and on any devices. The result depends only on the creative
  • Banners. The format is suitable for the sale of impulsive demand goods, products and services for adults.
  • Video. A universal format that allows you to work with any vertical, however, they best show themselves: gembling, merchandise, betting, chickpeas, sweeps and games.
  • On-Site Push. Unlike classic cannons, On-Site Push works as a catfish that appears on site pages. Therefore, it is most reasonable to use a teaser approach. Everything that converts well in teasers will also go well with On-Site cannons: chickpeas, merchandise, news, deiting, finance, gembling, cryptocurrencies.

In-App Push. In-App Pushi perfectly show themselves with the following verticals: betting, deiting, gaming, swipstakes, finance.

We remind you that you always have a friendly manager who will gladly help you with choosing the right format.

The main goal of any advertiser is an effective advertising campaign that demonstrates worthy results. To achieve these results, it is always important to analyze and optimize campaigns. The check list above will give you an understanding of the key points that you should pay attention to when optimizing.

Feel free to write to your personal manager or support if you doubt or are unsure how to optimize your campaign. We are interested in you showing good results.

Launch campaigns in the Kadam.net and do not forget about optimization!